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Mine & Circle Firework

To apply and become a WNYPA Member, please read the following information below.

Membership runs from June 1 to May 31. All new members must pay a one time $50 initiation fee IN ADDITION to the annual dues of $40.00 (U.S. mailing address). This is a total of $90 for new members. Anyone joining mid year pays full year dues and has a reduction on the second year dues. If your membership lapses and you wish to re-join, you will be considered a new member and will be required to pay the initiation fee.

The below registration form is for a Full Membership. This includes the newsletter plus voting rights and the ability to shoot at any of our functions after completing our training course.
Initiation Fee – $50 PLUS one of the following:
U.S – $40.00
Canada & Mexico – $50.00
Overseas – $60.00

Funds for your registration are paid in one of two ways:

  • Pay via credit card or PayPal (There is a $4 convenience fee making it a total of $94)
  • Mail in Cash or Check. If you choose this option you’ll be emailed the mailing address to send your payment too after registration.

In consideration of the undersigned being permitted to be a participant in any of the direct or indirect activities or events associated with the Western New York Pyrotechnic Association (WNYPA), including, but not limited to, displays, lectures, demonstrations, sales/vending, and/or any other programs or association activities; the undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Western New York Pyrotechnic Association, each of its officers, members, agents, employees, and/or successors from and against any or all claims, damages, or injury, direct or consequential, arising out of any such participation by the undersigned, or his/her spouse, or children if any. The undersigned is also aware that if accepted, his/her membership may be revoked as a result of behavior in the field of pyrotechnics that is not conducive to the standards of the Association. Applicant is subject to review before acceptance. By submitting the registration form you have read and understand this disclaimer & agree to the TOS.

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